How do I change the COM label of my Brainboxes card?


When the serial device is first installed, brainboxes’ driver uses automated COM Port number assignment. The operating system has a COM number database, when driver is installed Windows OS will give the serial device the lowest free COM port number.

Once installed brainboxes’ driver supports mapping to any COM number (1 – 255 , if free) manually. This process is also known as re-mapping the com port. In order to change the COM number of your Brainboxes product:

  1. Right Click on ‘My Computer’ > Properties > Device Manager
  2. In Device Manager click on Ports (Not Multiport serial adapter)
  3. Right click on Port Number you wish to change > Properties
  4. Go to Port Settings > Advanced
  5. On this page there will be a drop down field that will allow you to select a different com number