Do you have support for 64-bit Windows operating systems?


Yes, Brainboxes cards are supported in 64-bit Windows operating systems and the driver is logo approved.

If you have a 64-bit PC with a 64-bit operating system, the devices you have installed on the system will need to use 64-bit drivers. It will not be possible to use 32-bit drivers unless the operating system is 32-bit, which will still run on 64-bit PC’s.

Brainboxes has developed 64-bit drivers for their serial and parallel card using Microsoft’s 64-bit XP and Server 2003. These drivers have been thoroughly tested with a selection of serial cards in both XP and Server 2003 and Microsoft Logo approved. The tests were conducted in an Intel Pentium 4 EM64T system and an AMD Athlon 64 Pro 3000+ system.

These drivers will be available in one package which will include the 32-bit and 64-bit drivers:
Download 64-bit drivers

Information on 64-bit Windows and PC’s

64-bit Windows supports far more physical memory than current 32-bit operating systems – up to 16 terabytes, a huge step from the 4GB supported by current 32-bit systems. This jump will mean more applications can run simultaneously, and more of the data can be stored in the system’s main memory. Graphics, modelling and database programs, as well as games programs will all benefit from this increased processing power.

64-bit systems are also predicted to make progress in realising a real-time language translation systems and real-time video rendering impossible with 32-bit systems. A 64-bit version of Windows is therefore likely to open up new areas of application as well as supporting higher-performance on each application, and allowing more users to work simultaneously on a single application. PC and server manufacturers are already building machines using processors from Intel (Itanium) and AMD (Athlon 64) capable of supporting 64-bit processing, so it is vital that all hardware components are available with drivers to support the higher-processing throughput.

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