Can I use your BL-510 RS232 Bluetooth Adaptor with my Bluetooth Stack?


If you buy the H4 version of our RS232 Adaptor, you can send standard HCI commands over the serial port. H4 is the standard way of transmitting Bluetooth data over a UART as defined in the Bluetooth specifications. The majority of software stacks from independent vendors will communicate with our products in H4 mode without any additional modification to the stack. No Brain Boxes software needs to be installed on the PC to enable this communication.

The Bluetooth chip on the H4 version of the RS232 Adaptor is running a stack up to lower HCI level i.e. it sends and receives HCI data from the serial port. This means that the device to which it is connected must be running a Bluetooth software stack from upper HCI. This method of communication limits the connection to the standard RS232 baud rate (115,200 baud).

If you wish to test higher baud rates, we have fast serial cards available (PCI, ISA, or PCMCIA) which you can plug into your computer to give you serial ports that run at up to 921,600 baud. Plugging our RS232 Bluetooth Adaptor onto one of these serial ports will allow you to test higher Bluetooth data rates.

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