How do I use my Brainboxes USB to Serial with MAC OSX High Sierra and above


Please follow the instructions provided below very carefully. Failure to do so could prevent access to the device. If in any doubt please contact out support team for assistance – [email protected]

These instructions are intended for users with any Brainboxes USB to Serial Devices (US or VX ranges), that are using a PC or laptop running Mac OSX High Sierra.

Why do I need this?

Apple has released an update for their Mac OSX called High Sierra. In this update, companies and developers are required to digitally sign their drivers under Apples new signing policy.

There is not currently a Brainboxes signed driver available for Mac OSX High Sierra. However, you can continue to use your USB to Serial devices with this OS by following these instructions.


What do I need?

The Brainboxes USB devices use an FTDI chip which you’ll need to configure. To this, FTDI provide some software (FT_Prog), which can be downloaded from the link below. This software supports Windows based Operating Systems, so for the reconfiguration process you will need a Windows based PC.

You will need:

  • Windows Based System
  • FT_Prog
  • Brainboxes US-XXX or VX-XXX device

Steps to reconfigure your USB device

  1. Go to Devices > Scan and Parse:
    files/pages/support/faqs/Images/Mac OSX Images/1.png
  2. A menu of configuration options and technical information will appear for your device:
    files/pages/support/faqs/Images/Mac OSX Images/2.png
  3. Click on ‘USB Device Descriptor‘ to access the Custom VID/PID drop down, and select ‘FTDI Default‘:

    Please do not change any other values in this utility. Doing so may remove all visibility of the device and prevent access to it. files/pages/support/faqs/Images/Mac OSX Images/3.png
    files/pages/support/faqs/Images/Mac OSX Images/4.png

  4. Click on the ‘Devices’ tab to select ‘Program’:
    files/pages/support/faqs/Images/Mac OSX Images/5.png
  5. Please wait until the programming is complete, and then power down your USB to Serial Device
  6. Next you will need to install the appropriate driver on the laptop or PC you wish to use. Please go to this link and download the Mac OSX 10.9 and above driver.
    files/pages/support/faqs/Images/Mac OSX Images/6.png

You can now connect your laptop or PC with your Brainboxes device and continue your application configuration as normal.