How do I use Modbus Poll with my Brainboxes Remote IO Device?


Brainboxes Remote IO devices can be communicated with from any off the shelf Modbus TCP software package, PLC, HMI etc. What follows is an example of using Brainboxes Remote IO devices with Modbus Poll, a popular piece of windows software often used to test Modbus functionality from a PC. Alternatively customers can also use brainboxes product Remote IO Console.

  1. Configure Brainboxes ED device to use the Modbus TCP Protocol:

    Modbus TCP set up for brainboxes remote io device

  2. Install and open Modbus Poll:

    Open Modbus Poll in windows

  3. Configure the connection to the Brainboxes remote io device, by clicking: Connection > Connect:

    Configure the connection in Modbus Poll Connection Setup

    Select Modbus TCP/IP  under connection

    Enter the devices IP address, leave other setting at their default

  4. Set up the Read/Write definitions, in Modbus Poll click: Setup > Read/Write Definitions:

    set modbus poll read write definitions

    Always set the Slave ID to 255. The Address and quantity can be found in the Modbus Remote IO manual for your particular device. For example the ED-588 has 8 holding registers for Digital Inputs addressed from 0x0000 – 7 (the total quantity is 8 [0-7] ). Leave the other settings at their default values.

  5. Modbus Poll should now work as expected:

    Modbus Poll working with Brainboxes ED-588

    The screen above shows Modbus Poll reading the status of the 8 Inputs of the ED-588