How do I identify my Brainboxes product?


Brainboxes uses two codes to distinguish between the Brainboxes card or device and the box content.  These are the Selling Code and the Product Code.

Selling Code

The Selling Code includes everything that is shipped in the box such as the installation CD, Quick Start Guide and the Brainboxes product. All the codes that you see on the Brainboxes website are the Selling Codes and are in the format XX-YYY where XX is the product range and YYY is the product identifier.

Examples include ES-357, US-357, UC-357 etc.

Product Code

The Product Code is the selling code suffixed with the letter ‘B’ which specifies that this is the physical Brainboxes product. This Product Code can be found on the printed label which is located on the back of the PCI and PCI Express boards, and on the under side of the USB, Bluetooth and Ethernet to serial devices.

Included on the label is the Product Code, date of manufacture and the serial number of the product. The label will look something like this depending on the size of the physical product.


The Product Code is the big number in the top left corner of the label (on the label above, the Product Code is ES-313B).  The Product Code will be in the format XX-YYYB, where XX is the product range, YYY is the product identifier and B specifies that this is physical ES-313 board.