Three ways the new CB-534 can help your Serial application

1. Booster for RS232 signal can extend cable length: RS232 signal can degrade over long cable runs. The CB-534 boosts the RS232 signal enabling additional distance between connections.

2. Provides isolation between two RS232 devices: The CB-534 isolates the connected devices from each other. This protects against relative differences in ground voltages.

3. Connect to legacy and non-conforming RS232 equipment: The RS232 standard uses a voltage swing of -/+ 5V but, some machines require a larger voltage range. This is more common with older equipment, developed before the standard was widely adopted. The CB-534 conditions the signal, outputting -/+ 11V, to make it suitable for devices which need a larger voltage input. usage-03.png usage-02.png usage-01.png

The CB-534 has a max baud rate of 120,000b which makes it ideal for the types of legacy machinery that need it signal conditioning and boosting. The device works at all data word lengths, parity options and stop bit combinations. This product doesn't require any software, simply connect using the easy-wire numbered terminal blocks.

As with all Brainboxes yellow-cased industrial products it is suitable for use in -30°C to +80°C/-22ºF to +176ºF extended temperature ranges and comes in a neat DIN mount format. Reliability is further enhanced with redundant dual power inputs between +5V to +30V DC meaning a second power supply can be fitted as a back-up to prevent down time should one power source fail. The power input range means the CB-534 can be run from: a 24VDC factory floor supply; a standard car battery, making it ideal for in-vehicle and aboard boats; or even a computer USB port, using an optional accessory cable (PW-650).

This product is a quick install retrofit solution that can be used in conjunction with other Brainboxes devices to help you make the most of your existing factory equipment.

The CB-534 has a manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of £199.

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