Smart Cities

Energy monitoring and control improves efficiency, is good for the environment, and helps keep costs down.

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Food Waste Disposal - Remote Machine Monitoring

Getting data out of a machine and into the cloud was the first step towards useful reporting

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Bottle and packaging manufacturing

By linking production-line PLCs with PC-based data acquisition and analysis, vendors of high-volume, tight-tolerance products can exploit the best attributes of each to achieve consistency and quality.

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Industry 4.0 Demonstration

Free your data from your local machine onto the wider network. Review in real-time and integrate it with other systems

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Know whats happening on your production line

Measure your up time. Production lines often fail to reach their maximum capacity – can you afford to ignore your potential?

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Maritime Application - Oil and Gas

No compromise, productive and efficient systems no matter what’s connected or where.

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Medical Monitoring

Local dialysis suites in regional hospitals can be overseen by consultant at a central special uniy

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Security and Monitoring Systems

Intelligent Video Ltd specialises in hardware and software integration for security and safety projects, where customer constraints usually dictate a novel approach.

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Facilities Management

There can be challenges managing large sites. Get connected to collect information as it happens and respond quickly.

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USB to Serial used by Service Engineer on Production Line

Nutek use Brainboxes US-101 USB to Serial adapter to upgrade production line conveyor belts in the field

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