Serial Tunnelling - Long Distance Communication Made Simple

Industrial serial tunnelling enables the sending of control data over any distance, eliminating the need for bespoke cabling.

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RS Crane Monitoring

Global Jet Watch

Reliable connections send the right astrophysics data to monitor black holes from thousands of miles away.

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Monitor and Control Heating Systems Remotely

From sensors through the cloud onto a PC

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Connect using tunnelling

Simple settings in Brainboxes' software allow two devices to connect over any distance.

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Smart Cities

Food Waste Disposal - Remote Machine Monitoring

Getting data out of a machine and into the cloud was the first step towards useful reporting

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Bottle and packaging manufacturing

By linking production-line PLCs with PC-based data acquisition and analysis, vendors of high-volume, tight-tolerance products can exploit the best attributes of each to achieve consistency and quality.

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Industry 4.0 Demonstration

Free your data from your local machine onto the wider network. Review in real-time and integrate it with other systems

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Know whats happening on your production line

Measure your up time. Production lines often fail to reach their maximum capacity – can you afford to ignore your potential?

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