Simplify your installation with Power over Ethernet

Power over Ethernet (or PoE) means passing electrical power through an Ethernet cable alongside data. Devices which are PoE capable can be connected to both a power source and a network through a single Ethernet cable.

Some advantages of using PoE are:

  • Run one cable instead of two
  • Avoid cost of installing additional power sockets
  • Use your existing network cable
  • Quick, safe and simple to install

PoE can be particularly suitable for applications such as security cameras where it is difficult to run lots of wiring. View the PoE FAQ for more information

Brainboxes PoE Ethernet to Serial uses exactly the same software and drivers as our standard tried and tested Ethernet to Serial devices. You won’t notice any difference in the operation or reliability of the device, the difference is purely in the convenience of the power options.

Brainboxes Power over Ethernet to Serial Range