Ultra small and strong USB to Serial gives our most dependable connection yet

Liverpool, UK – 10 April 2015: Brainboxes are proud to release our US-235 and US-320, small profile USB to Serial devices. We have addressed many of the common issues that our customers face using Serial over USB in demanding environments.

The US-235 gives an RS-232 connection and the US-230 an RS-422/485. Both devices provide a robust and reliable serial port in any environment on any device with a USB port.

The US-235 case is our smallest ever form factor, can cope with industrial temperatures, is IP50 rated and has a high retention USB connection. Really tough, can’t be snapped or crushed and is well sealed limiting ingress from dirt and moisture and works from -40°C to +80°C (-40°F to +176°F).

Unboxing the US-235
US-235 High Retention Cable holding the weight of a champagne bottle

Increasingly laptops come without serial ports and small form factor PCs are losing ports too. Many substandard USB to Serial solutions are unreliable. Customers reported to us that they need add on products to be as small as possible as they were often limited for space. They also needed a strong connection as the product was taking the weight of a heavy Serial cable.

Robust High Retention USB B Type Connector is 50% stronger than traditional USB and gives the secure connection of an integrated solution but still has the flexibility of a detachable/changeable cable. High retention eliminates accidental disconnections and the USB connector won’t snap under weight of connecting cables. 

If you’ve used our USB to Serial products before you’ll know the software is trouble free, with great compatibility and works where many others fail. That same software, with drivers for all latest Microsoft OS including Windows 8.1 comes with the US-235. We have increased the FIFO and TX sizes to make it even better for sustained high throughputs at high data rates. This can help minimise all important downtime.

The US-235 can be an important solution in these areas: Banking, Configuration for System Admins, Maintenance engineers, Configuring PLC and CNC machines, CAD systems, Broadcast, Home automation, small form factor embedded PCs with limited expansion options, anyone who needs a portable Serial port they can depend on when they are on site.

This US-235 and US-320 have a high retention USB port
High retention USB port
This US-235 and US-320 with their USB cable
The US-235 and US-320 with USB cable
Compare the US-235 to our standard US-101
Compare the US-235 to our US-101

Stronger, Smaller, Smarter – Simply our best ever USB to Serial.

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