MK-048 clip option turns wall mount products into DIN rail compatible


Brainboxes' commercial range products, such as our 5 port switch, 1 & 2 port Ethernet to Serial, 2 port USB to Serial and our Remote I/O devices come in a compact plastic case with integrated wall mount option.

SW-005 switch on DIN rail using MK-048 mounting clips






You can use the wall mount holes and our MK-048 accessory to turn any of these products into a DIN rail compatible format.







SW-005 wall mounted device with MK-048 DIN rail accessory

MK-048 mounting clips are made of a strong non-conducting plastic and fit snuggly onto the DIN rail for a secure attachment.

MK-048 accessory clipped onto DIN rail

Conversion is quick and simple: The clips come with 3 holes, allowing you to adjust the position of the Brainboxes device. 

MK-048 mounting holes for use with the supplied screws















Supplied with the clips are 4 cross headed screws, two for each side, that simply screw through the wall mount holes into the MK-048’s predrilled holes.

Screws attach the MK-048 to integrated wall mount holes














Really simple but just the thing if you want to mount these Brainboxes’ devices onto a DIN rail. 



Back view of MK-048s attached to a wall mount productBack view of MK-048s fixing a wall mount product to a DIN railSide view of MK-048s fixing a wall mount product to a DIN rail