Saving Space and Time at CERN

Brainboxes' Ethernet to Serial is used to control motors that allow scientists from around the world to perform experiments at CERN.

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Brainboxes Ethernet IO Remote Modules

Ethernet IO Range

Introducing Brainboxes Ethernet IO Module Range. Ideal for factory floor process control & automation Drive high current & high voltage loads as well as TTL

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Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

I am most satisfied with your support. I had the problem figured out just before we hooked up, but the efforts were outstanding. ... Thank you for your assistance.


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Brainboxes is an established UK designer and manufacturer of data and I/O connectivity products.

Our solutions give you simple, reliable communication and control of your equipment globally.

Our team delivers direct friendly expert support at every step of your project to give you exactly what you want.

  • Under One Roof

    Unique in-house expertise ensures unparalleled ability to deliver what you demand and deserve
  • Solutions Led

    We work with you to find the perfect fit solution that maximises your productivity
  • Built to Last

    Exceptional quality and reliability allows us to confidently offer lifetime support and warranty
  • Constant Innovation

    With over 30 years technical experience that's always evolving you can trust us to continue to deliver and support the technologies you need

The company’s team of highly qualified software and hardware engineers can deliver custom-made industrial automation and test & measurement solutions. A Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, the award winning company operates a world-class volume manufacturing facility with global distribution to match served by offices in the UK, US and Japan.

Brainboxes develops, manufactures and supports its own core technologies, including Ethernet, USB, Bluetooth, ExpressCard, PCI Express and PCI products. The company is at the forefront of developments in serial and remote I/O technology supplying customers seeking mission-critical industrial automation and test & measurement solutions. At Brainboxes our mission is to provide innovative data communication products to ensure you can Connect, Configure and Control your serial and industrial devices. Our advanced design and manufacturing techniques have been recognised by the Manufacturing Institutes "Manufacturer of the Year Award 2007" and prestigious European Electronics Industry Awards, "Manufacturer of the Year 2005". Exceptional quality and reliability from Lean Six Sigma manufacturing processes have enabled Brainboxes to offer customers a lifetime warranty and free technical support for all serial and data acquisition products.