Switches for industrial applications, transport and marine use

Brainboxes launches 8 port Ethernet switch for industrial applications, transport and marine use

Liverpool, England – 6th April 2016: Brainboxes has launched the SW-508, an instant-install, unmanaged Ethernet 8-port switch designed to meet the multiport networking needs of users who demand reliability and high performance.

Luke Walsh, Managing Director of Brainboxes, comments: “We’ve been listening to our customers, and they increasingly need to extend their networks. With the drive to get equipment online and the Internet of Things taking off, even the best designed networks are running out of ports. With the SW-508 you get 8 Ethernet ports to greatly expand your network all in our neat DIN rail format and at  industrial spec.”

Brainboxes’ SW-508 10/100 8 Port Industrial Ethernet switch, that uses a 2K packet size to enhance bulk data transfer and optimize system performance, has galvanically isolated ports to provide safe operation in tough environments and extreme temperatures between -40ºC to +80ºC (-40ºF to +176ºF). The SW-508 is encased in a non-conductive plastic for enhanced safety, particularly important for electrical wiring in cabinet spaces.

Reliability is further enhanced with redundant dual power inputs between +5V to +30V DC meaning a second power supply can be fitted as a back-up to prevent down time should one power source fail. The power input range means the SW-508 can be run from: a 24VDC factory floor supply; a standard car battery, making it ideal for in-vehicle and aboard boats; or even a computer USB port, using an optional accessory cable (PW-650).   

Brainboxes' Switch products clipped to a DIN rail

Easy to install into your existing network and taking up minimal space, the SW-508 is slim in size at just 45mm wide, comes with a DIN rail clip to speed up mounting inside a cabinet and designed with an “easy wire” feature using removable colour-coded and numbered terminal blocks.  Power consumption is optimised for maximum efficiency with a power down mode for when the device is inactive. 

The SW-508 has a manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of £95.

8 Port Industrial Ethernet Switch

About Brainboxes

Established in 1984, Brainboxes develops a wide range of serial and remote I/O devices. The company manufactures and supports its own core technologies, including Ethernet, USB, Bluetooth, ExpressCard, PCI Express and PCI products. Highly qualified software and hardware engineers deliver custom-made industrial automation and test & measurement solutions. A Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, the award-winning business operates a world-class volume manufacturing facility with global distribution to match served by offices in the UK, US and Japan. Key customers include: Honeywell Aerospace, Cummins, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Panasonic, Reuters and Santander. Find more information at www.brainboxes.com.

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