Brainboxes, a leader in Serial Connectivity and Bluetooth, became the first serial card manufacturers in the world to achieve "Signed Driver" accreditation in readiness for Windows 7, in advance of Microsoft's product release. Brainboxes has been working closely with Microsoft to ensure that their serial cards keep pace with emerging Windows Operating Systems.

"Brainboxes' engineers have worked very hard to prepare the drivers to ensure customers have access to the latest Windows Operating Systems as soon as they become available while also continuing development of our new ranges to meet customers growing demands.

Windows 7 is set to be the biggest selling operating system of the next few years with uptake matching or surpassing that of Windows XP. This new operating system is extremely robust and with great backward compatibility. Brainboxes having signed drivers before the general release, shows the dedication and dedication they have to ensure customer satisfaction, allowing ease of transition for customers from one operating system to the next whilst building upon their existing hardware investments. Windows 7 is a high performance operating system with many new features that customers will find beneficial such as improved performance on multi-core processors, improved boot and shut down times, greater security and is a multi touch aware operating system. Brainboxes Windows 7 drivers, just like all brainboxes drivers from Windows XP support both 32 bit and 64 bit operating system editions.

See all brainboxes Windows 7 signed drivers on the microsoft website.

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