Software update for the latest Microsoft operating system

Windows 10 Signed drivers

Brainboxes now provide Windows 10 signed drivers. For those gearing up to change to the latest Microsoft operating system this means piece of mind as you update your devices. Brainboxes products will continue to deliver the same style connectivity and features with your Windows 10 devices.

Luke Walsh, Managing Director of Brainboxes, comments: “When our customers are ready to move operating systems their Brainboxes’ devices can come with them.  I’m proud of our Brainboxes software development team for getting these drivers passed Microsoft’s rigorous signing process, as it is a critical part of continuing to provide a quality software experience for our customers.”

Windows 10 is the latest operating system to be released by Microsoft. Windows 8 users are being encouraged to transition over and with a large number of new devices, such as tablets and smart phones using the platform, Windows 10 will become more familiar to us in 2016.  

As well as improvements designed to target the smartphone and tablet market, Windows 10 aims to integrate and standardize the Microsoft experience across your devices, including for PC users. Multiple virtual desktops are available for times when you don’t have a second monitor, as well as additional options for customizing the look and feel of your display. Login using your face or iris is one of the more flashy additions, but other small changes, such as a long overdue update to command prompt, should improve the user experience.

Everyone has their favourite operating systems and sometimes equipment dictates what we have to use. Brainboxes supports every Windows operating system across our product range from Windows 2000, and often all the way back to MS DOS. That way our devices support your requirements and are compatible with legacy systems through to your brand new tablet.

Windows 10 drivers are supplied on the software CD with new products, automatically through Microsoft Update, and are also available to download from our website: Should you have any issues with your Brainboxes device and upgrading to the latest operating system please get in touch with our support team: We are here to help.


Download the latest Windows driver software now!  

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