The Brainboxes ED-204 and ED-504 solves the problem of multiple I/O connection at a stroke

We asked Mark Hebbard of Hebbard Limited Manufacturing solutions why Brainboxes was the right choice for him.

"Over recent years the communication capabilities of CNC control systems have been expanded to offer not only the traditional RS232 interface but also USB and Ethernet I/O. Although undoubtedly an improvement from the CNC User’s point of view the multiplicity of I/O can present problems from an installer’s perspective when constructing a stable, cost effective and most importantly of all secure infrastructure to accommodate both standard DNC but also Machine Data Collection applications.


The Brainbox ED device solves the problem of multiple I/O connection at a stroke by offering a device containing two Ethernet I/O ports, a bi-directional RS232 port and four digital I/O ports.The ED device unit allows a DNC system Installer to select which data highway best suits the task in hand. Importantly, the ED device offers a future proof solution that will allow system expansion for example, upgrading an existing DNC system to include Machine Data Collection. Although the ED device is extremely reliable and notably supplied with a lifetime hardware guarantee should the unit fail it is only the machine tool it is connected to that is affected.

Historically, DNC hardware solutions utilise four, eight or sixteen port hubs which meant that if a hub failed all the machines connected to it were affected too. Since a faulty ED device affects only one machine it can be swapped out, configured and made operational within an hour by the Customer holding one unit in stock. Finally, although the ED device offers future proofing it is just as capable when dealing with RS232 ports connected to CNC machines built in the 1980’s.


In summary the ED device and its variants are probably the most innovative device produced for the DNC and Machine Data Collection market in the last twenty years.

It is worthy of serious consideration by all professional installers of DNC and like systems."


Mark Hebbard 

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