Brainboxes Remote IO Ethernet Console Application supports both ASCII and ModbusTCP

Brainboxes Remote Ethernet I/O modules can be tested using the download on this page.

The ED Console application is written in Microsoft .NET (sample code supplied) and can be used to simply send and recieve commands from a Brainboxes Remote Ethernet IO Module, using either the default ASCII protocol or ModbusTCP protocol.

At time of writing all brainboxes remote IO devices support the ASCII protocol, for a list of those which support Modbus TCP see: Modbus TCP Remote IO Modules

You can communicate using TCP/IP or over the virtual COM port (ModbusTCP is only available over TCP/IP). To use the virtual COM port install it first using Boost.IO application.

To install the ED Console simply download and unzip the file '', then run the setup.exe file. This will install the app on your windows computer.

See the C# source code.