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ModbusTCPProtocolPrettyPrintModbusADU Method (String)

Take a Modbus Command written in ASCII as a hex representation and prettifies it. e.g. 006600000006ff0100000010 0066 0000 0006 ff 01 0000 0010 TranID|ProtID|Len|UnitID|Func|DATA there is a space every 4 characters, and also a space at the 14 char between the UnitID and the Function code

Namespace:  Brainboxes.IO
Assembly:  Brainboxes.IO (in Brainboxes.IO.dll) Version:
public string PrettyPrintModbusADU(
	string adu


Type: SystemString
Application Data Unit as defined by ModbusTCP spec, encoded in ASCII as hex

Return Value

Type: String

[Missing <returns> documentation for "M:Brainboxes.IO.ModbusTCPProtocol.PrettyPrintModbusADU(System.String)"]

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