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EDDeviceCreate Method

Supply a connection IP address or com port and the correct ED device will be created and returned
using(EDDevice ed = EDDevice.Create("")) { //the connection is opened automatically ed.Output[0] = 1; } //connection is closed and object disposed after using block

Namespace: Brainboxes.IO
Assembly: Brainboxes.IO (in Brainboxes.IO.dll) Version: (
public static EDDevice Create(
	string ipAddressOrComPort,
	int portOrBaudRate = 0,
	int timeout = 2000


ipAddressOrComPort  String
either an IP address e.g. "" or a com port name e.g. "COM3"
portOrBaudRate  Int32  (Optional)
optional either the IP port number e.g. 9500 or the com port baud rate e.g. 115200, if port not supplied it will be figured out by querying the device
timeout  Int32  (Optional)
The connection timeout

Return Value

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