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ASCIIProtocolSetAllOutputLineStates Method

Note: This API is now obsolete.

set all output lines on the device open (0) or closed (1) The bit position represents the line number

Namespace: Brainboxes.IO
Assembly: Brainboxes.IO (in Brainboxes.IO.dll) Version: (
[ObsoleteAttribute("SetAllOutputLineStates is deprecated. Replaced by SetAllDigitalOutputLineStates")]
public void SetAllOutputLineStates(
	int states,
	int numberOfOutputs = 8


states  Int32

[Missing <param name="states"/> documentation for "M:Brainboxes.IO.ASCIIProtocol.SetAllOutputLineStates(System.Int32,System.Int32)"]

numberOfOutputs  Int32  (Optional)

[Missing <param name="numberOfOutputs"/> documentation for "M:Brainboxes.IO.ASCIIProtocol.SetAllOutputLineStates(System.Int32,System.Int32)"]


IIOProtocolSetAllOutputLineStates(Int32, Int32)
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