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ES701 Properties

The ES701 type exposes the following members.

Public propertyConnection
The connection. If the connection is replaced and the previous connection was connected, the new connection will be connected too
(Inherited from DeviceConn, Proto.)
Public propertyIsAvailable
Whether the IP address is online or offline
(Inherited from ESDevice.)
Public propertyIsConnected
If there is an open connection to any of the serial ports attached to the device
(Inherited from ESDevice.)
Public propertyLabel
User definable label for the Device to help identify when many devices / when debugging
(Inherited from DeviceConn, Proto.)
Public propertyPorts
List of Brainboxes Serial Ports on this Ethernet to Serial Device
(Inherited from ESDevice.)
Public propertyProtocol
Get/Set the Serial Protocol Used when communicating with all Serial ports of device
(Inherited from ESDevice.)
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