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BBSerialPort Properties

The BBSerialPort type exposes the following members.

Public propertyConnection
The connection. If the connection is replaced and the previous connection was connected, the new connection will be connected too
(Inherited from DeviceConn, Proto.)
Public propertyDataAvailable
Indicates whether data is available, can be 0, for no data, 1 for 1 or more bytes, or a number representing the precise number of bytes
Public propertyIsAvailable
Is this Brainboxes Device currently available, e.g. on line or off line (TCP), or the connection is already in use (serial)
(Inherited from DeviceConn, Proto.)
Public propertyIsConnected
Is this Brainboxes Device currently connected
(Inherited from DeviceConn, Proto.)
Public propertyLabel
User definable label for the Device to help identify when many devices / when debugging
(Inherited from DeviceConn, Proto.)
Public propertyProtocol
Marking as virtual allows it to be overridden in the child class
(Inherited from DeviceConn, Proto.)
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