DATAHONE are inspired by decades of industry experience to deliver out-of-the-box contextual analytical production manufacturing insights for managers and leaders, allowing better, more informed decisions to be made.

Helping manufacturers grow productivity & profits, by:

  • delivering contextual industry data insights, to optimise workflows and productivity, that deliver better outcomes to our customers

  • using industry knowledge and data analytics know-how, to deliver a set of ‘appliance-like’ services that are easy to use ‘out-of-the-box’ and specifically address, high value opportunities or challenges within the industries  chosen to operate in

  • creating unique IP – conceive, configure, integrate and embed services that will transform operational performance, by delivering contextual insights in a near real-time way

  • using industry standard open frameworks and tools and devices, to create lower cost services with compelling ROI cases for the user, measured in months


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