The CB-534 is the first in product in Brainboxes’ Signal Conditioning range, which utilises Brainboxes expertise with RS232/422/485 protocols to provide users of Serial equipment with more connection options.

The CB-534 can be used in the following ways:

  • Booster for RS232 signal can extend cable length: RS232 signal can degrade over long cable runs. The CB-534 boosts the RS232 signal enabling additional distance between connections.


  • Provides isolation between two RS232 devices: The CB-534 isolates the connected devices from each other. This protects against relative differences in ground voltages.


  • Connect to legacy and non-conforming RS232 equipment: The RS232 standard uses a voltage swing of -/+ 5V but, some machines require a larger voltage range. This is more common with older equipment, developed before the standard was widely adopted. The CB-534 conditions the signal, outputting -/+ 11V, to make it suitable for devices which need a larger voltage input. usage-03.png usage-02.png usage-01.png





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Specification of signal conditioners:

CB-534 - Industrial Isolated RS232 Booster
Industrial Isolated RS232 Booster
Max Baud Rate
Fits all Brainboxes 34mm ExpressCards
Industrial Standard
2 Port Screw Terminal
£ 199.00 (gbp)