Embedded Control 19.01.2010

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Brainboxes launched its new range of Industrial USB to Serial connectivitydevices. releasing four new products. The RS232 and RS422J485 serial devices provide robust serial port extension suitable for the industrial commercial and test& measurement sectors. This will ensure that PCs, laptops, Servers and industrial computers supplied with limited or no serial ports continue to haveconnectivity to a wide range of RS 232 and RS4221 485 devices via USB.

The first devices to be released in this range will be: 2 port RS232 - US-257, 2port RS4221485- US-313. 4 port RS232 - US-701 and 8 port RS232- US-279.The multiport devices are boxed in industrial class metal casing that are IP30rated and have optional DIN rail mountable capability. They are supplied with in-house designed software ensuring a great user experience and have lifetimewarranty. The industrial multiportversionscan be used in various applicationssuch as pedestrian management testing systems I.e. movement sensors used atpelican crossings to eliminate stopping traffic if button is pressed but nobody iswaiting to cross.

This range will provide high-speed data transfer with the benefit of being hot-swappable with plug & play installation. This makes them ideally suited for use infinancial, medical, industrial and point of sale applications.

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