Brainboxes Launches French Website

Brainboxes Launches French Website -

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Brainboxes Bluetooth True Cable Replacement made even easier

Brainboxes Bluetooth True Cable Replacement made even easier, Pre Paired for Simple Plug & Play Solution!!

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Brainboxes expands it’s PCI Express range with Powered RS232 cards

Brainboxes releases Powered PCI Express cards. Great for Point of Sale Apps, being low cost and saving valuable space

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Brainboxes expands it’s uPCI range with RS232 Opto Isolation cards

Brainboxes continue to meet customers demands releasing 4xRS232 Opto Isolated cards. Perfect for Industrial Environments

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Brainboxes expands it’s uPCI range with multiple port RS232 with LPT

These cards are excellent choices, being reliable & cost effective connectivity in a compact space. Custom designed.

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Brainboxes expands it’s Ethernet to Serial range, making network connectivity simple

Brainboxes expands it’s Ethernet range. The new devices provide easy, fast & reliable connection between Ethernet ports on existing networks & serial interfaces.

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Brainboxes reduces shipping costs to UK & Europe through online store

Brainboxes, a leader in Serial Connectivity and Bluetooth, has now further improved its online store with our new low shipping costs to the UK and Europe.

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Brainboxes is Building for the Future in More Ways than One!

Brainboxes have expanded by moving to a new prestigious location at Liverpool’s International Business Park

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