The Electronics Industry Awards 2020

Brainboxes are proud to be nominated in 4 categories for this year's Electronics Industry Awards.

Read more … 2020-04-08

Q&A: Prototyping on a Pi for Industry

Brainboxes MD Luke Walsh, answers questions about using Raspberry Pi in industrial applications.

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COVID-19 Update

As the Coronavirus pandemic evolves, we want to let you know we’re continuing to provide data and I/O connectivity solutions and still offering direct support to all of our customers globally.

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The BB-400 Gets Its First Update of 2020

Starting the year off right, Brainboxes have implemented even more features, whilst making the BB-400 stabler, and more efficient

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Digital Manufacturing Week 2019

As one of the companies defining the future of manufacturing, we're proud to have been part of Digital Manufacturing Week 2019.

Read more … 2019-11-20

Celebrating 35 Years & Beyond

Brainboxes are proud to celebrate an impressive 35 years in business.

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BBC Radio 4’s Mark Mardell interviews Brainboxes

Eamonn Walsh, founder and Technical Director at Brainboxes, is featured on the BBC Radio 4’s World at One radio programme. Former BBC News’ Europe Editor Mark Mardell visits Brainboxes to find out more about leading technology companies in Liverpool.

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See the BB-400 NeuronEdge Smart controller

Meet us at the Sensors Expo, San Jose, June 25-27

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