Brainboxes Celebrating its 25th Anniversary

"I see the next few years as a positive time for manufacturing in the UK, there are many winning factors on our side including the exchange rate," says Eamonn Walsh, chairman of award winning Brainboxes, as it celebrates its 25th anniversary.

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Brainboxes releases the 4 port RS422/485 PCI Express products

Since launching our PCI Express RS232 range last year we have continually expanded this range on the basis of the great feedback we have received from end users. We have recently expanded the range to include RS422/485 cards and are now ready to release the latest additions.

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Brainboxes releases its 1 & 2 port RS422/485 PCI Express products

Brainboxes' launched their new PCI Express range this year, including RS232 and RS422/485 products. The range has been extremely popular with our customers and we are now ready to release the following products into this range:

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Brainboxes launches its new range of PCI Express high-speed RS422/485 serial cards

Brainboxes, a leader in serial and Bluetooth connectivity, today launched its new range of PCI Express (PCIe) RS422/485 serial cards. The RS422/485 high speed cards have been engineered in-house by the Brainboxes technical team and are for use in industrial automation devices, Point of Sale systems and ATM cash machines.

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Brainboxes releases 4 port RS232 PCI Express products

Brainboxes has released the latest products to its PCI Express range that was launched earlier this year. These 4 port RS232 cards come in both a low profile (PX-260) and standard height (PX-701) option.

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Serial Connectivity Partnership – Delivering Excellent customer experiences in the Retail market

Brainboxes, a world leading designer and manufacturer of PC data communications hardware, has teamed up with an equally experienced global provider of end-to-end business solutions in the retail market, Torex.

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Brainboxes achieves ‘green’ credentials with ISO 14001

Brainboxes, a leader in serial and Bluetooth connectivity, today announced that it has received accreditation to the ISO14001 environmental standard.

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Brainboxes New PCI Express Range

Brainboxes recently introduced it's exciting new range of PCI Express cards in January this year.

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