Celebrating 35 Years & Beyond

Brainboxes are proud to celebrate an impressive 35 years in business.

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Delivering Through Uncertainty

Nobody knows what the future holds, but as a company who manufactures and is based in the UK, rest assured Brainboxes are doing everything we can to prepare for trade after Brexit.

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BBC Radio 4’s Mark Mardell interviews Brainboxes

Eamonn Walsh, founder and Technical Director at Brainboxes, is featured on the BBC Radio 4’s World at One radio programme. Former BBC News’ Europe Editor Mark Mardell visits Brainboxes to find out more about leading technology companies in Liverpool.

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See the BB-400 NeuronEdge Smart controller

Meet us at the Sensors Expo, San Jose, June 25-27

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Introducing the BB-400

Sense, sort and send your machine data with the NeuronEdge Smart Controller

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SPS Italia Trade Fair 2019

TME and Brainboxes will join forces to bring our product lines to the show floor

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Industry 4 Summit 2019

See us at the Industry 4 Expo in Manchester 10 & 11 April

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Maritex at Automaticon

See Brainboxes' products at the automation, control, measurement and robotics show in Poland.

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