Brainboxes has adopted a ‘right first time’ approach to all our activities, based on the process approach defined in the International Standards.

We are committed to:

  • consistently provide products and services that meet customer expectations and enhance customer satisfaction
  • continually improve how our processes affect both our customers and the environment
  • operate in compliance with all statutory & regulatory requirements
  • protecting the environment, preventing pollution, in particular through the disposal of waste and scrap; using raw materials and other natural resources as efficiently as possible.    

This is achieved by:

  • working closely with customers, suppliers and all other interested parties
  • establishing Quality Objectives that are measurable, monitored, communicated, updated and evaluated.
  • maintaining a Register of the environmental aspects and impacts of our activities, and setting specific programmes and targets to reduce any harmful effects.


The most valuable contribution to quality and its continual improvement comes from staff, who must each accept responsibility for the quality of their own output.


To assist staff in this, we ensure that each person:

  • is aware of their own contribution to this policy and what is required of them
  • has the tools & ability to properly carry out their duties, including appropriate training
  • has the means of checking the quality & environmental compliance of their own output
  • is kept informed of the results of investigations into suggestions for quality and environmental improvement.


The requirements specified in these documents are expected of all personnel.

Luke Walsh Managing Director