When our CF card is plugged into a WinCE device, it will be automatically allocated a serial port by the operating system. You can then send HCI commands directly to the card through this COM port. Cards will usually install as COM4, but there are a couple of ways of checking this: If you have a registry editor you can view the characteristics of the cards in [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Drivers\Active]. In this key there are further subkeys. They are numbered rather than named, but usually, the last card you installed is the highest number - The details of our card will usually appear in this last key. The key will contain a string referring to Brain Boxes included in the COM port name. The software stack can then be directed to communicate with the corresponding COM port. Alternatively you can obtain a Device Manager for Pocket PC from a third party organisation (follow link below) in which you can identify the COM ports (CF card may appear under ‘modems’ rather than COM ports). Please note: Brain Boxes do not endorse, support or accept liability for damages arising from or relating to use of any third party software.

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