Your a wizard! We received the replacement unit yesterday and have not tested it as of yet. Thank you for the outstanding support.

Centricity, USA

Great news !! Appreciate the support and product info you are always happy to provide.

Cummins, New Zealand

After searching a lot on the internet for a good USB to Serial (RS232), I elected the Brainboxes US-101 for the following reasons:

  • it really seemed to be a very good device and completely suited for my needs (size, features, technical data)  - very good ratings all over the internet
  • ready and tested for Windows 7 (64 bits)
  • developed and made in Europe from an european company!
  • lifetime guarantee
  • lifetime support
  • Brainboxes seems to be a company really [focused] on having good and reliable products and respect its customers by helping them having trouble free solutions for ever 
Luis Goncalves

I have done the test with your sw "Serial test.exe" and the 2 COM works fine

I have done the test with my sw and it work fine

I have reboot my laptop and it continue to work fine.

So I think that you have fixed the problem. Mille thanks for your efficiency and your know how.

I am saved

Best regards

Philippe Colpin

I would like to thank you for sending out the windows 7 RS232 USB driver.
I have had a lot of problems trying to get my EXFO fiber optic test equipment to communicate with my windows 7 laptop.
I loaded on your software for the driver and within 10 mins I could communicate with the EXFO.
Exfo's technical guys have struggled to find a soloution. Thanks to Brainbox the problem is solved 
Many thanks

ABM Electrical Contracting Ltd