This works a treat!!  Thanks for all your help .. there are two more projects that will use ED-588 

"The marketing sells the box, the support will keep people coming back" thanks to Brainbox and EquinoxTechnologies I have a great solution. Thanks Again

Panasonic Manufacturing UK Ltd

got to say the support by this company is the best I have ever come across, instant and effective response.

John Cornfield

I use your product ES-246 in several applications since 2011.
I enjoy them and their dependability.

Soniris System

Brilliant, granting access to that key makes it work perfectly J.  Well spotted, and thank you so much for your help.  I will always be happy to go on the record to recommend Brain Boxes and the excellent support provided.  Such a pleasant change to find a company that still provides good old fashioned service.  Feel free to quote me.

Again, well and truly resolved, thank you.

Simon Mitchell MIMIS MAAT MCP

In the last 2 days I had the pleasure of working with your support team ... I have to say they performed very very well. Professional, courteous and very knowledgeable. You do have an awesome team. I will gladly recommend your products.



David DeLaRosa