If this isn't it, then there's something wrong with the COM connections between the device and the PC. Are you by any chance using a relatively cheap USB serial port adapter? You can get them down to about $10.

I found those to be a false economy -- you need a good quality one. I've now changed over to using serial port cards rather than USB adapters -- the one made by Brainboxes is very good, and works very well on my Windows 7 64 bits systems too! ;-)

Pete Dowson

I'd also like to take this opportunity of passing on my sincere thanks to the extended Brainboxes team for the extra-ordinary efforts your team made on our behalf to build new cards at no notice ... and still allow us to meet our own customer's delivery requirement..

Please pass this email and our thanks round your team. Thanks again for the outstanding support.


You certainly have a very good tech team whose process of thinking is superb.

Aly Moiyed

Thanks once again for your excellent support, if I find brain boxes can satisfy any future needs for any equipment I won’t hesitate to choose you over other manufacturer’s devices!

Hanover Displays Ltd

Thanks so far for your help, it’s nice to come across a company that gives support for older products and do so very well.

Hanover Displays Ltd