I really appreciate the support we have received from Brainboxes for our project, and hope that the business opportunities can continue.

Cummins Inc.

Just to add I have also had issues with USB to RS232 adapters in general. In the end I went with a Brainboxes UC-101 and have had no further problems.
Actually took quite a lot of searching to even find the Brainboxes card since I needed one that supported both Windows 7, and Windows 7 64.


I'm very impressed that you have taken the time to research this problem for me, I expected you to come back with "our box is fine, it's a problem with Kermit95....". Good quality support goes a long way and based on that I would recommend your product to anyone.

I found the ES-357 very easy to use as a pure Telnet Server, it just worked!


I did solve my problem… My solution though came in the form of using the different serial card I mentioned before, a brainboxes PX-310, ...  The freeze has never reoccurred.  …


THANK YOU SO MUCH for your brilliant product (US-101)!! ...

We tried [many other brands] and a few other USB to serial adapters.  None of them worked!.. I’ve been buying and returning like crazy.  ...

I finally called IBM/Lenovo out of desperation and somewhere in their internal knowledgebase was a mention of your product working.  So I bought one from Buy.com as a test.. it arrived today.  IT WORKS!   =)

You are likely the only manufacturer on the planet that makes a working serial to USB adapter for IBM/Lenovo.  I would suggest you publish a page on your website including IBM/Lenovo/Windows7 keywords so that people can find you easier. 

My nightmare is over thanks to your brilliant product.  I just bought more!

Thanks again.

Creative NetVentures, Inc.