... I use BrainBoxes for critical serial to ethernet application and have not had a single hiccup ...

Christopher Luce, RocketTech

Well I must admit to being sceptical, as we only ever found 1 [other] device that worked [reliably] and I had to leave that on a project and have never found another since. It appears on first testing that your US-101s work very well…………..

needless to say I am very pleased as it is so hard to source a laptop with on-board RS232 nowadays. Very pleased indeed! Thank you

Principle Communications

I am most satisfied with your support. I had the problem figured out just before we hooked up, but the efforts were outstanding. ... Thank you for your assistance.


Great company, very responsive to queries and problems

John Strong

We use these [Brainboxes Serial] adapters in our company (industrial automation, lots of serial stuff); they work as a regular COM port, we've never had any issues with them.

user: donny007x, Reddit.com