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“We needed complete integration and rapid flexible deployment, we got it with Brainboxes”

Phil Ames, Kinetic Decision Solutions

Many pieces of medical and scientific equipment use a serial data connection as it is secure and reliable. Brainboxes Ethernet to Serial allows accurate readings to be taken at the right timesfreeing up nurses and minimising recording errors.

Brainboxes devices can be integrated into existing systems using our range of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). In this case we helped the installer write a program in C# that can display the information so it useful. An authorised doctor can then review the progress of dialysis patients.

Using Power over Ethernet meant there was no need to install additional power sockets or run lotsof cable. This made installation quick and neat without extra costs or disruption in the hospital.

Hospital Staff Benefits

  • No need to manually enter data from dialysis machine read onto paper or tablet
  • Staff time freed to deal with patient care
  • No data entry errors
  • Consultants can review data remotely

Patient Benefits

  • Real time monitoring of key metrics
  • Experts from other hospitals can review information and advise
  • Trends can be detected over time

  • "The Brainboxes [ethernet to serial devices] provided state-of-the-art software (C#, Visual Studio) solutions at no cost.

    This enables us to have direct device driver interfaces using software [constructs] like C# parallel foreach, .Net web capabilities for communicating with the Azure (Microsoft cloud), etc. and complete communication control with the serial devices.

    Doctor's requirements are for complete integration, rapid flexible deployment, the desire to have clinic management at a glance (CMAG) and no 3rd party software cost, we chose the programable Brainboxes."

    Phil Ames, Kinetic Decision Solutions

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