Brainboxes Serial Bluetooth Adapter Range

Bluetooth is a simple instant radio solution that allows different devices to communicate without cable connections. Since Bluetooth devices are radios, they can even communicate through walls and upto distances of 100m.

The BL-819 and BL-830 are bluetooth to serial adaptors, they require no driver software to be added to the PC or the peripherals and so are ideal instant cable replacements.

Brainboxes has RS232 Bluetooth converters to meet every need. They require no software and can be up and running within just 10 minutes. Simple and easy to use configuration utilities, for Windows or Linux, can be used to change factory set options. With 3-wire operation, integral antenna, and the option to configure as a pair for true cable replacement, these devices are an engineers dream. They can be used to establish a connection to any device with an RS232 serial port.


  • Plug directly onto RS232 port for instant connection
  • Intuitive configuration utility supplied for Windows and Linux
  • Retain settings when powered down
  • Class 2 devices can be powered from pin 9 or power supply

Bluetooth RS232 Adaptor Configuration Utility

Brainboxes Bluetooth RS232 Adaptors have 4 ways to be configured:

  • Configuration Utility
  • Bulletin Board
  • Remote Config
  • Command Line.

Shown here is the our simple yet complete Configuration Utility, which allows full customisation of a Brainboxes Bluetooth RS232 Adaptor.

Brainboxes Bluetooth Configuration Utility

True Cable Replacement

There are many situations in which Bluetooth serial adapter is a better solution to a RS232c serial cable:

  • If either end of the connection is moving
  • If either end of the connection is in a controlled environment, for example in a high temperature environment, a cable becomes extremely expensive
  • If one end of the connection changes periodically, bluetooth saves the user from constant having to unplug and replug in serial cables